What Does Ogden Lodge Do?

For a small lodge in a small town, you might be suprised at all the things we do at Ogden Lodge No. 754.  Our members are very active in our community, and these are just a few things we do:

Blood Drives
Six times annually Ogden Lodge partners with Community Blood Services and holds a Community Blood drive at Ogden Lodge No. 754.

Annual Charity Trail Run
Beginning in 2012, in September Ogden Lodge began sponsoring a Masonic Charity Trail Run at Homer Lake.  Each year the members of the lodge select a different local charity to support.  The first year we sponsored Developmental Services Center, and most recently, the proceeds from the run went to Crisis Nursery.  It's a new tradition, and is quickly becoming one of Ogden's most successful annual events.

Supports Scouting
Ogden Lodge sponsors both a troop of Girl Scouts and a troop of Boy Scouts.  You'll often see both groups helping out at some of our events, like the Masonic Charity Trail Run, and our pancake breakfasts.  The Girl Scouts even use our building for their meetings--they have their own dedicated room in our Lodge building

Pancake Breakfasts
Twice a year, Ogden Lodge holds a pancake breakfast.  We use the proceeds to help pay our bills, and to continue funding the work we do in the community.

Our Building
Since we lost our original buidling to the tornado in 1996, our new building has served the community as a meeting place and community center.  Not only is a polling place during elections, but the building is frequently in use for private parties, birthdays, bridal showers, meetings of various community groups, and dinners and events sponsored by various Masonic groups.

Scholastic Endeavors
Ogden Lodge sponsors the Scholastic Bowl at St. Joe/Ogden High School each year, and we also provide the Harry Archer Scholarship to a student at Heritage High School each year at graduation.

Special Events
Ogden Lodge is also involved in a number of special events each year.  We sponsor a Senior Citizen Dinner each December, we have an annual soup dinner.  We're always at the center of the Ogden Community Days as well, often holding a special pancake breakfast.  Ogden Lodge also sponsors the IL-Chip and holds Child Identification events periodically.  And we also get together with other lodges and do work together on various projects and special events--a group from Ogden joins with other lodges to serve a dinner at the Knights Templar Nursing Home in Paxton periodically.

So there are a lot of things we do, and this isn't all.  If you're interested in joining us, just contact us at  webmaster@toddcreason.org.

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